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The model P242/2 is a pH/ORP DETECTOR/HOLDER with a metal electrode instead of glass. An uniquely designed ceramic brush driven by a motor continuously rubs electrode surface to keep stable measurement in waste water and a liquid contains harmful materials to glass. Antimony electrode measures pH, and gold one measures ORP.

■Resistant to fouling
The electrode surface is continuously polished by brushes, allowing use even in processes where scale would adhere to it, and reducing the frequency of electrode cleaning.

■Antimony electrodes
Antimony electrodes are employed to allow use even with solutions containing hydrofluoric acid.

■High corrosion resistance
Aside from the standard specification of SUS316, Hastelloy C and titanium are also available to be used for the metallic areas coming into contact with fluid. This allows measurement to be performed even on highly-corrosive fluids.

■ORP measurement
ORP measurement can also be performed if gold electrodes are used in place of the antimony electrodes.