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Product Details
Product Details


This device is a digital pH (ORP) meter with recording functions, that can be connected to a pH (ORP) detector and conduct measurements while simultaneously recording the measured values. Since it integrates the functions of a pH (ORP) meter with those of a paperless recorder, it can contribute to cost reductions and space savings. The display device uses a liquid crystal display with a large touch panel, allowing standard fluid calibration to be performed easily by following the on-screen directions. The device can be used for pH (ORP) measurement and recording, in waste water treatment and general water treatment processes.

■Recording functions
pH (ORP) measurement values and temperatures (Pt100, Pt1000 only) can be recorded.

■Touch panel display device
Employs a specialized touch panel display device serving as the control component and display component.
Results can be confirmed in the form of charts using simple control and trend displays.

■Standard fluid calibration
All standard fluid calibration procedures can be performed using the touch panel. The calibration procedures are displayed on the screen as well, so standard fluid calibration can be easily performed by anyone.

■Compatible with various types of detectors
Detection devices consisting of pH (glass), ORP, and pH (antimony) detectors can be connected.
Various types of temperature elements can be connected as well.

■Support software
A data viewer that can be used to confirm measured (stored) data on a PC, and a parameter loader that can be used to change parameters (settings) via an SD memory card are included as standard accessories.

■Various types of output
The device is equipped with one point of DO output as standard. As options, 2 points for alarm outputs (relay outputs), error outputs, or electric current outputs can be selected.