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Model EC5700R Digital Indicating Controller has a large-sized display excellent in visibility. Since it is a light guide system, it is clear also outdoors. And dial setting is fulfilled easy operation. In addition, self-tuning is equipped standardly. PID, gapped PID or heat/cool control are available as control functions. As described above, the EC5700R 1/8DIN controller is applicable to a broad use.

■„ Extra-Large digital display
■„„ Auto-Tuning, Self-Tuning provided as standard
„■„ Full Multi-Input (Thermocouple, RTD, voltage or current)
■„„ High-speed control cycle of 50ms
■„„ Scaling Range of -19999 to 19999
■„„ Multi- Output (Selective)
■„„ 4 Alarm Output
■„„ RS-232C,RS- 422A (RS-485) Communication