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◆Video VM7000A
The VM7000A is a paperless recorder that displays measured data on the LCD in real time and stores data in the SD memory card. The type of input such as thermocouple, resistance temperature detector, DC voltage(current), etc. can be selected for each channel (maximum of 12 channels available). The data stored in SD memory card can be regenerated on the screen, and with the use of support software supplied the data can also be regenerated on a PC screen. The data recorded in CSV format can be directly read in a spreadsheet such as Excel, which facilitates the processing on a PC. (The data recorded in binary format cannot be read in.)

■ Easy operation with touch panel providing an intuitive user interface

■ Equipped with large capacity built-in memory
The measuring data can be stored only within the main body for about 3 weeks. (input: 6 channels, data record cycle: 1 sec, file record cycle: 1 day, only the binary form,
maximum/minimum value)

■ The SD memory card is adopted as a storage medium.
The SD/SDHC memory card that is the standard of the memory card is adopted for an external storage medium.

■ Multiple display presentations
Depending on the object of measurement, the most suitable display format can be selected from a variety of formats including bar graph display, trend display, digital display, etc.

■ Calculation function
The calculation function in which the data acquired from DI and the communication to say nothing of the arithmetic operation and the account adjusting function of the input can be recorded as measurements is installed.

■ PC support software supplied as standard
Parameter loader software that enables easy display and change of set data and data viewer software that regenerates the data stored in SD memory card are supplied as

■ Compact size and Lightness
150 (W) × 144 (H) × 181.8 (D) mm (The terminal stand cover is contained.)
About 1.0kg mass (6 channels input, without option)

■ 12 channels recording
22 ranges of thermocouples, 4 ranges of resistance temperature detector and 8 ranges of DC voltage/current input can be recorded in up to 12 channels.

■ Ethernet function as standard
FTP, Web server, SNTP and Modbus TCP function are available.

■ Communication (Option)
RS-485 Modbus communication is available.