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The Model EC1107A machine controller is a controller that integrates functions ranging from loop control to sequence control. It incorporates basic software for each field of application, allowing control systems to be built easily. The control panel (CP), which acts as the human-machine interface component, and the machine controller (MC), which carries out control functions, can be connected together by RS-232C, RS-485, Ethernet®, or other communication methods. The MC is composed of various intelligent units, each of which is mounted on a motherboard with a minimum of 5 slots and a maximum of 14 slots. Furthermore, up to 32 units can be mounted by combining extension motherboards, and they can be used separately depending on the scale of the system.

■Functions ranging from loop control to sequence control
With the high-speed CPU, which has a large capacity for program areas, collective control ranging from loop control to sequence control is possible.

■System in accordance with the scale of instrumentation
The overall system is composed of individual units, which can be added or removed freely depending on the scale of instrumentation. By selecting individual units such as PID units as well as AD and DA units, a wide range of fields including various types of process control and machine control can be supported.

■System with minimal space and wiring
The system can be built to a small size measuring 349 (W) x 100 (H) x 108 (D) mm, for space-saving and reduced wiring.

■Simple control
The intelligent human-machine interface uses a touch panel to ensure simple control.

■Basic software for each field of use
Since the system is provided with basic equipment control software for each field of use, it can contribute greatly to reducing labor required for building the control system.

■Able to incorporate user software
User software that is programmable using ladder language can be incorporated into the system. A specialized user software creation tool which can be operated on a PC is available.