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Product Details


A flow control valve is a type of valve that carries out control on its own where the pressure of micro flow rates suppresses any fluctuations, in order to maintain a setpoint value. Model CF has a pressure drop of 39.2 kPA, while model CFL has a pressure drop of 14.7 kPA. Use model CF1 or CFL1 when the primary pressure fluctuates and the secondary pressure is constant, and model CF2 or CFL2 when the secondary pressure fluctuates and the primary pressure is constant.

■Wide control range
Control of flow rates from micro flow rates (10 ml/min) to relatively large flow rates is possible, with precision within 2% of the setpoint value.

■Accurate setting
Flow rate settings use our company's micro-valves, so they can be set smoothly and accurately, with high reproducibility.

■Materials are selectable
The materials used can be selected between SUS 316, which is designed for corrosion resistance, or high-strength aluminum.