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Model LT7000 is a water level transmitter achieving high-accuracy and high-reliability with a silicon piezoresistive sensor built in. In addition, a lightning protector for protecting a detector is newly adopted for reinforcing lightning surge protection. Furthermore, this model of transmitter is designed to be interchangeable with the conventional model of transmitter (LT3000) in functional and structural specifications and is easily applied to existing instrumentation systems.

■„Accuracy achieving ± 0.1% of span
With a highly accurate sensor module and an updated transmission circuit, the water level
measurement with high-accuracy is achieved.

■„Improved long stability (± 0.2% of span/year)
High-stability and high-reliability are achieved with a silicon piezoresistive sensor built in.

■„A lightning protector provided in the detector (option)
In addition to lightning protectors built in an indicator, a lightning protector for the detector is
provided. This lightning protector protects the detector from lightning-induced surge.

■„Measuring range available from 0-3m to 0-150m
Wide range of water level measurement is enabled.

■„The detector with well-drained structure detector provided for cold district
The detector with well-drained structure is newly added as a measure against breakdown of the detector (pressure-sensitive diaphragm) caused by frozen water in cold district.

■„Succeeding structural specifications for applying to existing instrumentation systems
The ultra-thin detector with the 20mm outer diameter, which is the same as LT3000, can be fit for broad installation requirements.