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Product Details
Product Details

Vertical Heat Treatment Furnace /

This apparatus is a vertical heat treatment furnace (diffusion furnace) used for heat treatment processes in semiconductor manufacturing processes. The semiconductor manufacturing field is currently undergoing a change from mass production to production of various product types in small quantities. This apparatus allows small-capacity, high-speed treatment, while having a size that makes it possible to install in existing clean rooms.

■High-speed temperature increases and decreases are possible (compatible with FTP)
A unique heater employing a vertical resistance heating system enables high-speed temperature increases and high speed at high temperatures, allowing both processing with high-speed temperature increases and decreases, and standard processing, to be performed with a single unit.

■Our company's unique wafer transfer system
The apparatus has a highly-reliable drive section using our company's unique wafer transfer system.

■Equipped with a pitch conversion mechanism
The groove pitch on the boat side can be converted to any desired pitch for wafer transfer (setting range: 4.76 - 9.52 mm). Wafer transport is carried out cassette-to-cassette.

■Equipment that emphasizes productivity and usability
The control component employs a TFT panel with a touch screen, for equipment with high productivity and usability.

■Low-temperature wafer furnace entry is possible
Low-temperature wafer furnace entry is possible, so the effects of air entrainment can be reduced substantially.

■Safe and easy removal and installation of reaction tubes
Using an automatic elevator, reaction tubes can be removed and installed more safely and easily.

■Unique temperature control system
The heater and temperature control system employ unique methods for dramatic improvement of temperature recovery characteristics.

Great consideration has been given to the design so that even if multiple units are installed, their maintainability and usability will not be lost.

●Basic specifications
StructureVertical downward-opening system
Process wafer diameterφ100 mm - φ200 mm
Treatment methodsBatch treatment
Treatment of 50 wafers / batch
Cassette storageUp to 9 cassettes including process, monitor, and dummy cassettes
ProcessesWET, DRY, ANNEAL, BAKE, etc.
Usable gasesN2, O2, H2, etc
Wafer handlling5 wafers batch/1 wafer
Temperature increase and decrease rates Temperature increase: max. of 100℃/min
Temperature decrease: max. of 50℃/min