Product Details

Product Details
Product Details

Vertical Heat Treatment Furnace /

This apparatus is a vertical heat treatment furnace (diffusion furnace) used for heat treatment processes in semiconductor manufacturing processes. It offers a large-capacity heat treatment furnace like those used in conventional semiconductor factories, at a reasonable price, with each unit also providing flexible support for individual user requirements, including special specifications.

■Cost performance
Can be provided at low cost by customizing systems to accommodate customers when being installed, and reducing startup times.

■Space-fitting performance
The external configuration is suitable for existing clean rooms.
Main unit dimensions: H2600 x W900 x D1280

■Maintenance performance
Major components and software are developed by our company, allowing maintenance to be continued well into the future.

■Customization performance
Various types of customization to respond to customer needs are possible.

■Product performance
Small footprint allowing installation in place of horizontal furnaces.

■Energy performance
Energy savings of 10% compared to our company's past products have been achieved by the development of high-efficiency heaters.
Optional support can also accommodate high-speed temperature increases and decreases, or high-temperature processes.

●Basic specifications
Structure:Vertical downward-opening system
Process wafer diameter:4, 5, 6, 8 inch
Treatment quantity:Process wafers: 150 wafers (6-inch or less) or 100 wafers (8-inch)
Cassette storage:Up to 8 cassettes including process and dummy cassettes (6-inch or less)
Up to 6 cassettes including process and dummy cassettes (8-inch or less)
Processes:WET, DRY, ANNEAL, etc.
Usable gases:N2, O2, H2, etc.
Wafer handling:3 wafers fixed (standard), 5 wafer batch/1 wafer (option)
Temperature increase and decrease rates:Temperature increase: max. of 10℃/min
Temperature decrease: max. of 3℃/min